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Fiberglass Mesh with Covering PVC

Feiyade supplies and exports Fiberglass mesh with covering PVC of various colors. This material is used to reinforce the cement in various building.

Fiberglass mesh for cement panel reinforcing

The dimension of the mesh roll is: 45..75 inch x 20,000 ft.  and 8 x 4 , 0.014, clear 2.
 Please find below technical specifications for Fiberglass Mesh Screen with PVC covering. 

Designation: Mesh, fiberglass mesh, fiber mesh

Description and use: This is a fiberglass mesh with PVC covering. The mesh serves as the primary contributor to the flexural strength of the cement panel.

Pyramid style (max 3 rolls per pallet) secured with plastic straps and wooden blocks.
The platform should be the same width as the roll received in closed vehicles (van).

Handling and storage requirements:
Be careful when moving pallets with a forklift to prevent any damage;
Store in a dry;
Protect from sunlight.

Technical requirements
Characteristics Test method Requirements
Glass yarn type   E-glass G 75
Type of coating   PVC plastisol
Coating mass fraction (DPU) (%)   Min 18 +/- 30
Tensile strength (initial) ASTM-D 5035-
Warp and fill: 110 +/- 10 lbf/in
Tensile strength after aging lime
Unifix Method Minimum 70% retention for the mesh
Count as UV Unifix Method Max 200
Counts per inch   Warp: 8 +/- 0.3 Fill: 7.5 +/- 0.3
Weight (oz./yd2)   2.0 to 4.0
Width (inch)   Objectives: 30.25, 34.25, 46.25/
Tolerances: -0, +1/8”
Diameter of the roll (*)   33 +/-2”
Length of the roll (linear yard)   5000 +/- 100. Can accept smaller rolls,
reviewing case by case basis and with
the authorization of the Plant Manager
Weight of the roll (lbs)   Max 1800
Unions   Hot or warm link, identifying the union
with a mark on both sides of the roll with
a maximum of 3 connections per roll
Start mark   Identified with a mark both sides of the
Unwinding conditions   Tension should be kept equal to the
entire width, unroll without undulations,
should not present agglomeration when
type of nucleus   Fiber tube, 3.0 "diam. Int the same width
as the mesh or 0.25" wider, inside the
roll smooth and rounded ends of the
tube must not be damaged or beaten.
The mesh should not be glued or bonded
to the core
Information / Traceability   Each roll must carry 2 identical and
removable labels with the following
-   roll unique number (or batch)
-   style or description of the type

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