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Tips on Using Fiberglass Mesh for Wall Plastering

The alkali resistant fiberglass mesh cloths are supplied in white or yellow color tapes as popular. A special dye is added in the resin or acrylic solution used to reinforce the fabric. Reno weave or plain weave commonly.

Fiberglass mesh for wall plastering and repairing is supplied in tapes shapes with set sizes including width and length of the fabric. Fiberglass mesh tape can be used in jointing plaster plates, mending drywall cracks, piecing together and make them join faster, adhesive better and need not pasting or stapling. It is not be easily torn, shrunk and stretched.

Alkali resistant fiberglass mesh tapes are modern replacement fabric for the traditional metal wire mesh lathing as major building reinforcing materials.

Fiberglass Mesh, White, Alkali Resistant, Coated, Tape Forms Fiberglass Tape, Building Material, Rendering of Walls
Fiberglass Mesh, White, Alkali Resistant, Coated, Tape Forms Fiberglass Tape, Building Material, Rendering of Walls

Features of Fiberglass Mesh Plastering Tapes:

It is non-combustible, will not rust, corrode or stain. Feiyade Fiberglass Mesh Screen offers excellent properties of fire resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, easy cleaning, good ventilation, high strength, stable structure, etc.

Tips on Using Fiberglass Mesh Tape for Plastering:

Most manufacturers recommend the placement of meshes somewhere in the middle third of the stucco/plaster thickness.

Generally speaking, the nearer the mesh to the substrate, the better.

There is no need for mechanical fixing. The fiberglass tape is layed between two successive layers of the cement mix. A minimum overlap of 10cm between two adjacent layers of the mesh is indispensable.

Utmost care should be taken to avoid blister and crease formation. The mesh fabric is pressed gently from the top to the bottom in the fresh plaster.

Main uses of alkali resistant fiberglass mesh tape fabrics:

They are used to reinforce plasters/stuccos and prevent cracking in cases such as:
* above insulation materials
* above wire channels
* diagonally above doors and windows
* joints between heterogenous materials
* screeds over sound insulation materials of floor heating systems.
Finally they are used to increase the impact resistance of rendering in public building.

Common Sizes for Fiberglass Plastering Tape:
Product Size / Rolls/carton
50mm×20m(2"×65")/ 72
50mm×45m(2""×150")/ 54
50mm×90m(2""×300") /24
50mm×153m(2""×500") /24
45mm×20m/ 72
45mm×45m /54
45mm×90m /24

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