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Plisse Screen Mesh for Windows and Doors

Feiyade supplies high quality plisse fiberglass screen mesh made of polyester fiber. This is a replacement screen panel assembled on windows or doors to prevent mosquito and flies effectively. Plisse window screen and door screen are retractable, used against mosquito, flies, insects and keeping the dogs and pets.

The coating glue for the plisse or pleated fiberglass screen mesh is supplied by top manufacturer of Asian which can ensure a good coating surface. Also the fiberglass yarn material we use for producing plisse screen is 20% stronger compared with common fiberglass yarn. Hence, Feiyade plisse screen mesh has a beautiful and solid surface.
Material: Glass fiber, Combination material PE /PP monofilament yarn. The material provides the mesh smoothly for opening any size of doors and windows.

1- Pleated retractable insect screens for doors/ windows are the best choices for large or difficult to screen opening.
2- Screen openings up to2.65m high.
3- Eco-friendly product. Straight latitude yarn and şongitude yarn sealed with high technology heater, no coating with any harmful chemicals or resins.
4- Long-life service more than 5 years.

Width or height: 150cm ~ 300cm
Length: 32m or 30m per pack
Color : Grey, charcoal black or others.

Our fiber glass plisse mesh products have the following properties:
Our fiberglass mesh have good grid fixity, and high strength, good adhesion with cement mortar,  excellent fitting positioning, excellent alkali resistance is very prominent, resistant to high alkaline substances concrete erosion. Strength retention rate> 90%, elongation <1%, the durability of more than 50 years. High elastic modulus 80.4Gpa, is can't reach by other chemical fibers.

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